Your overseas logistics in the hands of experts

Our Job

We design & supervise the entire overseas transport & logistics chain

Door to Door finely-tuned services

In addition to freight forwarding, we offer comprehensive customized logistics solutions from the pick-up of goods right through to distribution. 

Our solutions guarantee an optimized process :

  • single point of contact for our clients
  • selection of the best sub-contractors
  • optimisation of cost & transit time
  • real-time traceability & interface with our clients information systems

Our ambition

We aspire to offer competitive & reliable solutions in every country our clients operates in

A global network of integrated offices and efficient information systems

We are keen to extend our integrated network in new countries to meet our clients demand. 

This integrated network allows us to monitor the flows more effectively, and provide our clients with a more personalized service.

Our Values

Enthusiasm, Professionalism, & Integrity !

Striving for excellence...

... and fun at work !

A large part of CLASQUIN's success stems from the expertise and commitment of our teams who are organized into autonomous profit centres. 

Regardless of the distance, we maintain a strong corporate culture with core-values regarding the daily pursuit of client satisfaction, pleasure at work and financial performance.

CLASQUIN is a different company !


Big enough to do the job...

Small enough to do it better !

CLASQUIN established a real international network, whereas most SMEs in the industry merely developed a series of alliances with agents.

CLASQUIN nevertheless remains client-centric whereas most large players in our industry became process-centric. In every office, we strive to think up customized solutions in order to meet the needs of our customers


Our CEO & Managers control 

a majority stakehold of CLASQUIN

In front of each client, 

a unique represensative fully empowered

The freedom of choice given

by our light physical assets strategy

A team of passionate experts in 

a global but human sized company

CLASQUIN In-House IT experts 

designs specific IT solutions for our clients

Our teams’ cohesion in 

an efficient fully-owned network

CLASQUIN's five core growth platform


Highly skilled employees and continuous improvement culture

Hire, train and manage the best ones in a friendly atmosphere

Our employees are the primary building blocks of the CLASQUIN's identity. We have adopted a Human Resources policy designed to stimulate career development and encourage both individual and team performances.

All Group employees are involved in a continuous improvement program built around a a crystal-clear objective : operational excellence. This program is managed on a daily basis by the QSE (Quality, Safety & Environment) and OTO (Operations Training & Organisation) units.

The aim of this Group-wide quality initiative is to rally teams around a standard system tailored to the management of their operations and consistent with values regarding financial performance, pleasure at work and the daily pursuit of client satisfaction. Decisions are based on the broad involvement of our teams in the Company's developments and on the quest for consensus.

We are constantly hiring high profile employees for their market knowledge or for their operations expertise. 

Join us ! CLASQUIN Careers


LOG SYSTEM is our IT subsidiary. AEOLUS is  our In-House ERP dedicated to freightforwarders

LOG SYSTEM, founded in 1986, is the CLASQUIN GROUP's IT subsidiary specialising in software development. It operates in two separate areas of activity:

  • International transport and transit, with publication of the AEOLUS software application.
  • Pathological anatomy and cytology (medical department), with the publication of two software packages, CACP and CYAN.

CLASQUIN is also the first client of AEOLUS. This efficient software is designed for international forwarding agents and transit agents. It is widely accessible to external users and the different players in the freight forwarding and logistics world. AEOLUS  is multimodal, multilingual (including ideogrammatic languages) and multi-compatible. It can be used on up to 500 workstations simultaneously. In 2014, 150 sites across the world were equipped with AEOLUS in more than 25 countries.


As a founding member of the WFA (World Freight Alliance) CLASQUIN has an integrated network in 20 countries.

One striking feature of the CLASQUIN GROUP is its Asian involvement. Over thirty years ago, CLASQUIN opened its very first offices in Japan and Hong Kong. Throughout the Asia-Pacific region, we have now 21 offices well rooted in the local economy, with staff fully aware of local practices, cultural habits and legislation. 

 We also have an ever-growing worldwide presence, thanks to our integrated offices in North America, in the Caribeans, and in Europe (France,Germany, Italy, and Spain). 

To further enhance our coverage, we draw on a network of independent agents under the WFA (World Freight Alliance) which covers 130 countries. 

CLASQUIN is one of the 5 founding members of the WFA.

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A diverse portfolio of loyal and prestigious clients

CLASQUIN, a true creator of value for the companies it works with, has progressively broadened its scope of intervention in many sectors: consumer goods, fashion and luxury, industrial goods, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, large retail, wines and spirits, etc.

Our portfolio is very diverse: the top 30 clients accounts for less than one quarter of gross profit and the no.1 key account represents around 5% of gross profit. CLASQUIN has earned the trust of prestigious clients who are major players in their lines of business, thanks to the high quality and added-value of it brings them.


Building trust with our clients, shareholders, and employees

Thanks to our financial soundness, CLASQUIN's long-lasting independence and stability are ensured. We make profits every year after so we can invest in future business potentials and strengthen our equity.

By driving our growth with integrity, prudence and transparency, we inspire trust among our clients & among our shareholders, employees and other partner.

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