> 712 Employees in the world

> 22 countries covered by our

60 fully-owned offices

> 15 languages spoken within CLASQUIN Group

Growing opportunities

Our economic performance and our client-centric approach represent the fundamentals of our growth. This is why we all share a sense of service and aim for excellence in all of our projects.
CLASQUIN is steadily growing and setting up new branches, the latest ones in 2016, in Chile and Portugal.

Our values

Our values

A large part of CLASQUIN’s success stems from the expertise and commitment of our teams. Despite the geographical distance between employees, the Group has been successful in maintaining a true corporate value in line with our values of ‘Professionalism, Enthusiasm, Integrity’. We aim to make CLASQUIN a company that continues growing thanks to our employees.

Fun at work

At CLASQUIN, we share the motto « Clients, Profit & Fun ». Every day, we prove that it is possible to fulfill both the company’s interest and each employee's personal satisfaction. CLASQUIN even created an innovative barometer designed to measure the "Fun at work" via our employees’ work experience.

P&L Manager

Marco - 40 years old

Country Manager, Milan

"Before joining CLASQUIN I spent nearly 20 years in the freight-forwarding business, starting from operations up to general management, with experiences both in Italy and overseas. I joined the Group in 2015 as Country Manager with the goal of leading all Clasquin activities in Italy, ensuring growth, local development, and building a strong set-up to guarantee a stable support to our customers and our network. As a Manager, what I really appreciate within the Clasquin family is that people can fully express their own creativity: our Group primarily relies on people, encouraging teamwork, individual inspiration, and rewarding entrepreneurial spirit."


Your responsibilities will range from managing your own P&L and developing sales to managing a profit center of 3 to 50 people.


You will boost the ambitions of your team, and foster new challenges in demanding markets, always fueling your own desire of success.


Challenge the performance, manage people, develop innovative solutions... This requires a lot of passion and a constant search for optimization to go the extra mile.


Matthieu - 39 years old

Sales Director Greater China, Hong-Kong

"I joined CLASQUIN as a Sales representative 11 years ago, then climbed the ladder towards a Sales Manager, Branch Manager and now National Sales Director position. My goal is to develop our business and clients portfolio, while ensuring the excellence of our operations and services. As one of the main hubs of our company’s network, Hong Kong is known for designing new solutions for our local clients, but also to serve the network. We are always challenged by the success of another team or another office; we learn from them and are quickly able to implement it for our local business. The team spirit is really on a global scale, involving many nationalities and cultures."


In order to gain new clients, you will offer them tailored solutions. You will handle complex requests and your creativity will help your team to succeed in various environments.


You will embrace CLASQUIN’s goal of constantly developing a clients portfolio, by offering added-value solutions, while ensuring the loyalty of existing clients. Depending on your skills, you may even focus on a trade lane or a product.

Team Spirit

Together with the operations staff and your peers overseas, you will be client and performance oriented. Your people skills will be essential in your role.


Tina - 27 years old

Air Freight Manager, Beijing

"I joined the CLASQUIN Beijing office at the beginning of 2015. I started sea freight operator for half a year, before becoming air freight operator. My main job is to deal with new bookings and ensure that each operational phase goes smoothly, to provide the best possible service to customers and suppliers. I feel honored working in the Beijing office, where we highly value team work. We experience and grow together, set clear and challenging goals and do our best to reach them. We are energetic and are always willingly to make the best contribution to our company."


Coordination and communication are key assets for this role at the crossroads of clients, suppliers and internal stakeholders with demanding deadlines.


When handling your files from beginning to end, you will frequently encounter unexpected events which will challenge your deadlines, and that you shall handle thanks to your ability to react quickly.


Vous stimulez les ambitions de votre équipe et recherchez de nouveau challenges dans un environnement exigeant, afin de conduire votre agence vers le succès.


Vincent - 45 years old

VP Customs, New York

"I joined CLASQUIN in 1994 as an import clerk when the Group expanded its operations to the U.S.A. For the first 6 years, we were not a licensed Customs Broker and contracted out our customs clearances to local brokers. CLASQUIN encouraged me to take the U.S. Customs Brokers licensing exam. Through hard work, I obtained my license and started the brokerage division in New York, I became the VP Customs Operations for our American branch. After 22 years, I still enjoy my job and appreciate the support that I have received from CLASQUIN. I hope to continue to grow with the company and also to offer the same support to new employees that I received."


When writing your customs declarations and forms, necessary to operations, you will thoroughly comply with regulations and deadlines.


You will need pedagogy skills to clearly explain and advise our clients and sales force about customs solutions, specific clearing procedures.


Constantly on watch for evolutions of the customs regulations, you will always improve your knowledge, which you will share with your colleagues.


Ashish - 38 years old

Finance Business Partner, New-Delhi

"I joined CLASQUIN India in 2011 as Finance Business Partner for India. After 4 years, CLASQUIN gave me the opportunity to increase my knowledge and scope of work by taking on additional entities and become Business Partner for Thailand and Vietnam as well. My role is to establish financial processes and procedures as per local regulation as well suitable for Group requirements.
I am appreciative for the trust and support showed by the management, the guidance to work efficiently and without any hassle. I am hoping to grow with the company, to be able to contribute more and play a bigger role in the growth story of CLASQUIN Group in the coming years."


It is the common denominator of all of our support functions. The support teams always seek the best solutions to optimize the success of CLASQUIN and the satisfaction of our clients.


Open-mindedness and openness to others are essential assets to evolve in a Group present on 5 continents where over 20 nationalities and cultures interact daily.


In your area of expertise, you have developed a strong knowledge and are always on watch for new practices, which will contribute to keeping CLASQUIN in the forefront in your field.

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