CLASQUIN portfolio of services comprises a full set of inland transportation solutions by Road, by Rail, or by River...

ROAD Trucking

Inland Transportation by Road. Pre-carriage & On-carriage


When it comes to loading and unloading containers from ships and planes, coordination is paramount. CLASQUIN's operational teams secure an optimal and smooth process for road-based door-to-door delivery services.


Unforeseen problems are not unforeseeable: we ensure our logistics chain is perfectly flexible for the upstream and downstream of your overseas shipments, allowing us to react immediately.


Our road transport solutions are deeply integrated into all the consolidation, break bulk and cross-docking operations that our clients entrust us to run.

RAIL Freight

Rail freight services. Short & long distance sustainable hauling.

Expert offering 

 Our experts have in-depth knowledge of all our rail offerings in Europe as well as in Asia. 

RAIL vs ROAD Comparison 

 The choice is yours. We offer a comparative analysis of the different transport solutions. 

Carbon Footprint 

On request, CLASQUIN can produce an annual carbon footprint Rail vs Road report.

RIVER Barging

Waterways barge transport. Sustainable & Eco friendly floating stock.

Expert offering 

 Our experts have in-depth knowledge of our waterway offering in Europe as well as in Asia. 

ROAD vs RIVER Comparison

The choice is yours. We offer a comparative analysis of the different transport solutions. 

Carbon Footprint On request, 

CLASQUIN can produce an annual carbon footprint Road vs River report.

CLASQUIN offers a wide range of value-added services prior or after your overseas shipments...


The art of freight consolidation. Let's find together the best combination

Buyer's consolidation solutions

CLASQUIN consolidates goods from several suppliers at origin or at destination (LCL/FCL or FCL/LCL). Through a network of CFS (Consolidated Freight Station) located  in the main logistics hubs in Asia, Americas & Europe, CLASQUIN will also manage a wide range of value-added services :

  • Bundling/Unbundling 
  • Kitting, Co-Packing,Labelling 
  • Inventory management 
  •  Order fulfillment

LCL>LCL Consolidations

CLASQUIN organizes and runs several LCL/LCL import & export consolidation services. Our clients benefit from reduced costs, frequent departures & guaranteed capacity. CLASQUIN LCL/LCL gateways are mainly located in Asia & Europe offering both Eastbound and Westbound weekly services. 

Other LCL consolidations also exist on a regular basis to & from some locations in Africa, in Americas & the Caribeans.

Contact us directly to get more details.


The advantages of our Quality Control platforms in Asia

Independant QC operations

Independant Quality Testing & Compliance can be provided at origin, before the shipping of your goods. With no contact between suppliers and inspectors, in a neutral location, CLASQUIN helps building trust in your business relationships.

We provide our clients with key performance indicators, verification and alerts for due date of goods delivery. 

Better quality grade on arrival

Our clients have recorded a drastic fall of non conformance rate at receipt. Our Quality Control platforms before shipment enables our clients a better management of their suppliers' base. 

Within 3-4 months, we may implement a new QC platform for your import flows anywhere in Asia.


Protect your shipment with proper packaging solutions

Shippers responsability - CLASQUIN's expert assistance.

The seller remains responsible for the proper packaging and loading of goods, as almost all INCOTERMs specify... Transport compliant packing is thus essential and we assist you to choose the right solution for your shipments. A pre-alert system notifies you as early as possible if any exception occurs.

CLASQUIN regularly offers specialized package services related to specific industries/verticals.

Garments on Hanger Flexitank & Flexiliner
Pallbox Isokit


CLASQUIN's comprehensive catalogue of solutions to secure your freight on the move

Anti-Theft Solutions...

We have extensive experience in forwarding valuable goods. Our clients in the luxury industry and in the art dealing industry benefit from extra-security features from our catalogue. Depending on your needs, CLASQUIN will manage Anti-Theft solutions like Opaque film, Security pallcover, Navalock, Security Seal, GPS Tracker, Intrusion detection...etc.

Special storage and handling processes are guaranteed through the whole transportation chain.

In-Transit Monitoring

& damage prevention.

Goods like perishables, wine and spirit or pharma products are vulnerable during transport. We offer our clients a comprehensive range of devices to monitor Temperature, Humidity, Light Intensity, Movement... and make sure that the shipping conditions are fully respected.


CLASQUIN's claim & insurance expertise to guarantee the value of your shipments

Insurance solutions

The Warsaw convention (aerospace), the Hague-Visby Rules (maritime) and the CMR convention (road), determine the transporters liability for each carried kilo !  At CLASQUIN, we understand that our clients need guarantee for the real value of their shipments.

CLASQUIN's claim rate is year after year significantly lower than the market average. Our clients may therefore benefit from competitive AD VALOREM insurance solutions with our insurance partners.

Claim Management services

At CLASQUIN, our Claim Management team is attached to our Head Office legal department. Our experts are trained on a regular basis and they are commited to expanding and updating their knowledge about freight claims to carriers.

We pride ourselves on efficient and quick claims resolving for our clients.

Overseas shipment strategy

Worldwide Ocean Freight

CLASQUIN's comprehensive Ocean Freight services

Reliable, flexible, and ALL-INCLUSIVE !

We offer our clients reliable and cost-effective  Ocean Freight solutions in more than 130 countries.

Ocean freight buying rates are in a state of constant fluctuation, and shippers often experience a large variety of unexpected shipping surcharges.  At CLASQUIN, we are proud to partner with our clients to meet their cost & transit time requirements. We determine the best routes both for FCL & LCL shipment, and we provide ALL INCLUSIVE quotations.

Worldwide Air Freight

CLASQUIN's Air Freight experts provide you with the appropriate level of service

Let's fly your way...

Air freight is a matter of speed but our clients' demand varies from extra-urgent goods delivery to cost-conscious indirect flights choices.

At CLASQUIN, we have Air Freight experts to manage time-definite door to door "FAST-TRACK" solutions saving time both in the air and on the ground.

We also provide our clients with OPTIMUM or ECO airfreight routing solutions combining their demand for delay and cost performance.

Combined Sea-Air

Via Dubai, CLASQUIN's intermodal transport services combining the advantages of Air & Sea Freight

From 15 main ports in Asia...

CLASQUIN Sea-Air and Air-Sea solutions bring both the advantages of low-cost Sea freight to or from the most active Asian cities to Dubai, or Vancouver and rapid Air Freight service to the final destination of your goods in Europe, in Asia or in the Americas.

Coordinated schedules, optimized transshipment & customs process reduce time & risk. 

Trans-Asia Rail

Transcontinental Rail Freight silk roads across Asia and Europe : the new alternative

Let's save some transit days...

From Yiwu to Madrid, from Chongching to Duisburg, or from Beijing to Hamburg, we offer our clients some new routing options by rail to combine low-cost, low impact on environment, and reduced transit time (15-20 days).

Even though these 21st century new silk roads remain capacity-limited alternatives (less than 1% of the total Asian sea freight volume), we will offer such a service everytime it could match our clients’ needs.

CLASQUIN's Customs Clearance & Regulatory Compliance services


A Mikado of customs regulations ... one pragmatic approach

CLASQUIN is a certified AEO (Authorized Economic Operator) in Europe. In USA, our in-house customs brokerage subsidiary "SECURE" participates in the C-TPAT program. Our customs experts hold several security & safety certifications.

We offer our clients : 

  • Tariff engineering in order to pay appropriate duties
  • Import & Export Customs full documentation
  • Local customs clearance in Asian countries, in the Middle-East, in Latin America, & Africa


Make sure your goods comply with all local regulations in each destination country

On the edge of knowledge !

We have expertise in each covered country to help our clients with the existing government regulations and with the ever changing freight security standards...

Our local compliance managers always keep themselves on the edge of the most updated information including free trade zones, special regimes, and trade preferences. We are committed to help your goods to arrive at their destination safely and on time. 

Agile Logistics & flexible Warehousing solutions






to your needs !