Despite our geographical spread, the Group aims at developing and reinforcing its strong culture. We wanted to go further and promote one step beyond our employees’ individual and collective fulfilment and the pleasure at work, which are key leverages to the performance and successes of Clasquin.

The HR team has therefore designed with a trusted third party an innovative barometer to collect employees’ opinions and advance in the “fun@clasquin”. This quick, smart & simple tool is an easy to answer mini survey that gives the employees the opportunity to express themselves anonymously.

This project helps improving the well-being and pleasure at work, reinforcing commitment and performance of the teams but also identifying any improvement actions. The questionnaire is available several times a year with a couple of varying questions to adjust to the current context and the measure the progress in “Fun@Clasquin”.

The credibility of this initiative is linked to the Management’s ability to follow up with proper actions and to monitor the results. Therefore, the results are shared during teams meetings, which are the opportunity to build a collective action plan.