Our strategy

A winning development strategy based on solid fundamentals.

CLASQUIN’s growing success is attributable to an ambitious strategy embodied by efficient and committed teams around a strong corporate culture expressed in our motto, the Clients, Profit and Fun company.

Our Group has demonstrated its ability to grow at a sus-gained pace and is pursuing its ambition, underpinned by financial strength, of building up its international network on the East-West route (Asia, Middle East, Europe, Americas) and more recently on the North-South route (Europe, North Africa-Africa, Asia-North Africa-Africa, USA-North Africa-Africa). This accelerated acquisition policy is backed up by the expansion of our high value-added services: Overseas logistics management, Supply Chain Management for General Cargo and also for verticals.

Innovative digital solutions are an integral part of the systems made available to clients and employees. Powerful cloud solutions such as CargoWise One for international transport and customs, and Workday and Kyriba for finance, facilitate, secure, and optimize flows and actions. The LIVE by CLASQUIN platform is a real source of leverage for transport performance, with tracking, carbon footprint control, and order management in an agile and secure environment.

Our knowledge of our clients and their history stems from our well-established client-centric approach. The balance sought in the geographical and structural spread of client profiles is reflected in an appropriate organization and management of human resources. Actions on the ground targeting our clients strengthen the quality of the relationship.