Our job offers

Candidate requirements

MULTI-DISCIPLINARITY: Your responsibilities include the financial management, sales development and human resources management of your agency (from 3 to 50 people).

A WINNING MINDSET: You energise your team and look for new challenges in a demanding environment, while fuelling your own ambitions and desire for success.

PASSION: Challenging performance, managing people, developing innovative solutions: all tasks that require passion and a constant search for optimisation to press even further forward.

Before joining CLASQUIN Korea in June 2017, I worked in finance for 11 years. During this time, my role changed from accountant to manager. CLASQUIN allowed me to work in both Korea and Japan, where I supervise two accountants. As a Finance Business Partner, I am responsible for managing accounting and finance issues in accordance with the regulations specific to each country. My colleagues helped me adapt quickly, and I am grateful to them for that. I hope to make a real contribution to the development of CLASQUIN.

After six years working as a customs clearance officer with our local brokers, I was encouraged by CLASQUIN to take the “US Customs Brokers” exam. I then became Vice-President of Customs Operations for our US subsidiary. Twenty-two years later, I still love my job, and I am grateful for the support that CLASQUIN has given me.

I joined the group in 2015 as a Country Manager. I was then asked to head up all CLASQUIN activities in Italy. This involved ensuring local-level growth and development and establishing a solid framework to provide stable support to our customers and our network. As a manager, what I particularly appreciate as part of the CLASQUIN family is that people have the chance to fully express their creativity. Our group is essentially based on its employees, encouraging teamwork and individual inspiration and rewarding entrepreneurship.

I joined CLASQUIN in 2013 as a maritime exports transit agent, before becoming head of the department with three people under me. I love my job. You need to be quick, with good customer-facing skills and strong organisational awareness. It allows me to be in daily contact with people from other parts of the world, such as the Middle East, Asia, the US, etc.